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Empowered about doing it myself!

Everything was explained simply and thoroughly, I loved it! It made a refreshing change to being confused with big words and boring essays! I would never have thought I would be able to do it myself! I always thought it was much too technical and complicated for me. And I loved watching the videos!!

Thank you. x


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Why Setup WordPress UK?

I started my own online venture back in December 2008, since then I've used wordpress to build the majority my business & pleasure websites.

I use wordpress because of its ease of use, flexibility and as it's open-source code, there's always a constant stream of updates, add-ons and extras being developed. Whatever you need built, wordpress can handle it.

Wordpress will help you:

  • check
    Keep all your friends and family memories together
  • check
    share your latest thoughts, trends and finds in your niche
  • check
    Build an online business and change your direction

I'm often getting asked by friends, and followers to show them how to build a wordpress. So this for you my old and new friends - I hope you enjoy. 

Any questions just shoot me a message from the contact page.